Special Views for Sex Industry.

Origin of sex industry

Be different from birth control products, which are designed to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Sex toys means adult products that promote sexual pleasure. Well, sex toy is still new to may people.

In the 19th century, one Britain doctor invented electric vibrators to treat female hysteria. It appeals and known by people in the 1970s. The sex industry comes along with the political movement(in the 70s American affirmative action), freedom of expression, LGBT edge community and female empowerment movement, gradually from corner store to the brand. In 2008, moviesex and the cityleads to a hot sale of female masturbation devices. In 2017, the MeeToo movement awakened the awareness of women’s right. Gender quality become a hot political issue, and the sex industry entered the mainstream of society.


Since its birth, no business has attracted as much controversy and curiosity as the sex industry. On one hand, it is the primitive desire and personality satisfaction.On the other hand, it is the bondage of moral ethics, which doomed the development of this industry.


New Trend of sex industry

In the traditional impression, the sex products are crude, low and hard to be elegant. In the past decade, however, the industry has obviously changed.

1. Enhanced brand awareness:

As sex toys enter the common market, manufacturers pay more and more attention to the building of brand image, increase investment in appearance design and packaging, to cater to the public aesthetic.Typically, purple, pink, blue and other popular colors are used on websites and packaging.The product design is more subtle, full of artistic flavor, different from the previous explicit appearance. Greenbaby, as the leading and pioneer manufacturer, even considers safety, comfort and pleasure in the first place. With accumulative experience, stable quality and variable product performance, the brand is known by overseas partner gradually.



2. Reconstruction of consumer group

With the rise of women rights and coming of younger consumer group, the consumer group in Western countries has shifted from male to female.China is in the process. Contrary to many people’s impression, Chinese people are not conservative when it comes to sexual attitudes, especially among young people.Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the social transition period, urban and rural changes, moral restraint decreased, cultural psychology reshaped, and sexual attitudes varied greatly between generations.



3.Channel transformation

Channel change is reflected in two aspects: the rise of internet e-commerce and acceptance of physical stores. The Internet has made sex products easier and more personal to reach the consumers.The popularity and penertration of social media have also contributed to the marketing of the sex industry. With consumer attitude change, physical stores started sell the sex products. Be impacted by the COVID-19, the online sale would be the mainstream in next years.


4. The emergence of new categories

The biggest category change has been from traditional male-dominated categories (dildo, masturbation cups, cock rings, etc.) to female consumer categories (vibrators, love eggs, lubricants, SM, etc.).In the future, there will be more health care, intelligent and women-oriented products in the industry.At the same time of category upgrading, the unit price of products is also rising. Greenbaby almost manufacturer all sex toys over 800 designs in mold. You must find one or more toys suitable for your market. For more details, review website www.greenbabyfactory.com and leave your question.


Post time: Jul-17-2021