Sex toys for clitoral stimulation

In an often-cited study, only 25% of the participants reported that they climaxed through vaginal intercourse alone. Finally, more and more people are realizing that the clit is amazing! Still, we think it’s a mistake to focus only on orgasm when we talk about the clitoris. With about 8,000 nerve endings to play with, the clit is good for a lot more than just racing toward a climax. Instead, let us propose a few ways you can have more fun with your clitoris. 



You know all about your clit, right? It’s that fingertip-sized pleasure organ at the top of your vulva.  


Well, yes and no. The clit you can see is just part of a larger internal structure including the shaft, which extends under the clitoral hood (the fold of skin around it) and into your body. There, it divides into two crura, also called the clitoral legs. Between those are two vestibular bulbs, which sit above and on either side of the vagina.

So, what does that mean for you? It means that there are more ways to have clitoral orgasms than you thought – and ways to make the orgasms you’re having even better.


Sucking vibrator

You’ve heard of “clitoral orgasms” and “vaginal orgasms.”  Actually, the thrusting motions you get from, say, intercourse push and pull on the internal clitoris in ways that can feel very, very good. The vibrator VV170A with pulsation function and sucking function. Food-grade silicone soft as skin with whole-shaped design for 100% waterproof. 10-mode vibration and 7-mode sucking patterns to completely satisfy your different massage requirements such as nipple, clitoris, neck, back, legs and feet with low voice. What’s amazing,  42 °C constant temperature just like real sex experience.


Sucking stimulator

Some say that clitoral suckers are even better than oral sex. What we do know for sure is that the stimulation produced is based on sonic waves, which are able to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact. Yes, you’ve read that correctly — without direct contact! All have different settings to change the level of intensity; and some even offer extra features, such as stimulation of the G-spot or simultaneous vibration. Here you’ll find our whole catalogue of clitoral suckers so that you can achieve the most intense orgasms. So don’t let the pleasure wait any longer…

The modern handheld sucking stimulator with simple and elegant appearance, becames women’s favourite. Food-grade silicone brings super soft feeling and 10-mode function greatly stimulate and make women relax after a hard day’s work. 


One-button operation design can easily switch between various frequencies to find your preferred mode.  Meanwhile, the darker LED and low noise protect privacy. The simple design, easy-to-use function make it classic and loved by people.


Post time: May-24-2021