Sex During Pregnancy

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Most expectant parents worry about this, but if you are having a normal pregnancy, you can have intercourse until the water goes out. However, if you have a medically proven weak cervix, a low-lying placenta or bleeding, you should consult your doctor or midwife first.

There are no known miscarriages or vaginal infections that can be linked to intercourse in connection with a normal pregnancy.

Do not worry if you get a vaginal infection. Intercourse will not affect any antibiotic treatment for the disease. In fact, intercourse during a normal pregnancy has been linked to a reduced risk of a premature birth, even in the case of infection. However, your partner is advised to use a condom if you have an infection, to avoid spreading the infection.



Will sex be as enjoyable during pregnancy? 

It is of course different from person to person. Some women find that sex is more comfortable and better during pregnancy, while others do not feel that way at all. The fact is, however, that increased blood circulation to your pelvic area during pregnancy can fill your genitals with more blood, which in turn can provide a stronger experience. However, some women report that this gives them an unpleasant feeling of fullness after intercourse.

During pregnancy, many couples get more pleasure from foreplay, oral sex and masturbation than intercourse. Try to maintain your intimacy as much as you can during pregnancy. It not only keeps your relationship strong but also prevents the risk of sexual problems after the baby is born.



Will intercourse harm my child?

Your baby will not be harmed during intercourse, even if your partner is on top of you. The thick mucus plug seals the cervix and the fetal sac and the strong muscles inside the uterus protect you from infections and act as a protection for the fetus.

During orgasm, you may find that your baby moves more. This is because of your increased heart rate, not because he or she understands what is going on or feels uncomfortable.

You can also be advised against intercourse during your pregnancy if your partner has genital herpes. If you get genital herpes during your pregnancy, there is a small risk that it will affect your baby’s development.



Is oral sex safe during pregnancy?

Yes, regular oral sex does not harm you or your baby. In fact, it can only be a good solution when intercourse does not really attract.

The only thing you need to make sure is that your partner avoids blowing into your vagina. Inhaling air can cause a blood vessel to become blocked due to air bubbles, so-called emboli, which can be life-threatening for both you and your child.

It’s safer if he keeps kissing and licking your clitoris and labia, instead of sticking his tongue inside your vagina.


Tips of sex toys during pregnancy

Keep it clean: Always clean your toys with hot, soapy water and dry them completely, both before and after each use. Store them in a clean place — don’t toss them into a night table drawer that also houses your pedicure tools, for example.

Don’t mix and match: During pregnancy especially, don’t use toys in or around your vagina that also make a rear entry. Introducing fecal bacteria into the vagina can set you up for a vaginal infection. If you’re using the back door, proceed with great caution, as many pregnant women develop hemorrhoids that can bleed when pressure is applied — with a toy or anything else.

Read instruction: Many erotic lotions and lubes contain scents, flavors, colors, and other ingredients that could irritate sensitive tissue or cause infections, which can be especially dangerous during pregnancy.

Be gentle: A dildo is harder and more rigid than a penis is, and your cervix is more fragile during pregnancy, so start slow and avoid going too deep or pushing too hard. And be careful with bondage, as your joints are looser than usual in preparation for childbirth, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally overstretch and get injured.


Post time: Jul-07-2021