Masturbation benefits and tips for Women

Masturbation benefits

Good for your health: Masturbation increases blood flow throughout your body and releases brain chemical called endorphins. That may explain why there is a clear mood benefit, even if you don’t orgasm. When men are more likely to talk about blowing off steam by masturbation, research suggests it’s a stress-reliever for both sexes.



Improve your sex life: Masturbation can make you sexually comfortable and confident. It puts you in touch with your desires and gives you the chance to get to know your own body. If you have trouble reaching orgasm, it’s a private, stress-free way to try different types of touch and pressure to see what helps you climax.


Ease postmenopausal sex problems: Many women see changes during menopause. Masturbation can help. The vagina can actually narrow, which can make intercourse and vaginal exams more painful, but masturbation, especially with a water-based lubricant, can help prevent narrowing, boost blood flow, relieve some tissue and moisture problems, and increase sexual desire.


Masturbation tips

Get in the right mood: It takes more than just five seconds of licking a partner to get in the right mood. The same thing is true if you are going to satisfy yourself on your own. To ignite your libido, you should create an atmosphere where you can get aroused – a sanctuary where you can ask inhibitions to leave you for a while. Lock the door so no one can enter. Turn off your mobile phone and tablet. Light some candles and turn on slow, sensual music. Then you have to get in the right mood. If you watch the evening news while masturbating, it may take a while. To maximize your enjoyment, you must first relax and focus. If you need a glass of wine to avoid thinking about your boss or your job, do so. When you feel completely free from distractions, you can start filling it with sexual thoughts instead.



Add some lube: When you’re aroused, your body self-lubricates, making masturbation a much smoother and pleasurable experience. So keep a tube of lube on hand to increase your pleasure.

Give your usual sex toys a break: Vibrators and dildos are loads of fun to play with, but they’re not the only sex toys in town. Some people, for example, like to stimulate themselves by using a shower head on their clitoris or rubbing their vulva against a pillow.



Consider erotica or pornography:It’s fun to let your mind wander, but you don’t always have to use your imagination. If you want to turn up the heat, read a dirty book or watch a sexy video.

Post time: Jul-14-2021