Love balls after pregnancy

The female pelvic system is a complex network of muscles and nerves, so it’s hardly surprising that giving birth can have lasting effects on the body.Luckily, as the field of urogynecology grows, doctors are better able to understand just how the pelvic system is impacted by pregnancy and childbirth, and how to help women who have sustained injuries as a result. 



Why does a woman have pelvic floor weakness after pregnancy?

The pelvic floor is the birth organ, which does a lot in 9 months. It has to hold the unborn child and is subjected to extreme stretching during birth. No wonder the pelvic floor is affected.



What are the tasks of the pelvic floor muscles?

1The pelvic floor supports and secures the internal organs.

2.It controls the opening and closing during bowel movements.

3. It supports the posture and is gentle on the spine.

4.It has a sexual function, pulsates during intercourse and relaxes after orgasm. In addition, good muscles constrict the vagina. 



Why do love balls help with pelvic floor weakness after pregnancy?

Pelvic floor exercises during and after pregnancy and physical therapy can help mitigate the stress that pregnancy and delivery places on the body. In one study, women who received pelvic floor therapy during their third trimester and after giving birth were less likely to report urinary incontinence. Doctors universally agree that Kegel exercises are vital to keep the pelvic floor muscles strong during and after pregnancy, and more comprehensive treatment can be given by a physical therapist. The kegel aims to improve pelvis floor strength after childbirth and post pregnancy recovery, in relief of uroclepsia,chronic pain on vagina organ and constipation.



Tips for a pelvic floor-friendly everyday life during and after pregnancy

  1. Relieve the pelvic floor whenever possible. In bed, for example, put your legs up with a wedge pillow.
  2. Go to the bathroom as often as possible so that a full bladder doesn’t put additional strain on the pelvic floor.
  3. Wear loose clothing. The pelvic floor is directly connected to the abdominal muscles and should not be constricted by tight pants.
  4. Stand upright and put even weight on your feet hip-width apart.
  5. Avoid any additional carrying and weight lifting.
  6. Perceive your pelvic floor and try to tense it up internally and let it go again. Which also works great with love balls after pregnancy. 
  7. Do not use this product in cases of urinary, vaginal infection, or allergy. Keep clean after use and don’t clean it with corrosive cleaner.


How to use love balls?

1. Check the product without crack, clean and dry it.

2. Lie back and ease the ball in with lubricant. Position the ball about 2cm from the vaginal entrance.  Stand up and start exercise when feel firm.

3. Wear ball during active task like makeup, and take breakfast, It is time to take next weight when you hold it for 15 minutes while standing, walking and taking stairs.

4. Greenbaby’s love ball kit-BS035, different from traditional kegels.  As it includes 5 different weighted balls in 5 different colors(there is embossed weight on tail, good for recognition), good for beginner to exercise gradually.

Post time: Jun-07-2021