How to use love ball?

Love ball is also known as kegal ball or Ben Wa ball. People buy them for use either as a sex toy and masturbatory aid or as a training device used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. You can wear classic love balls at any time and absolutely discreetly, it is important that you get silent ones that are invisible to the outside world. 


Pelvic floor training with love balls

Practically every woman can exercise her pelvic floor with love balls, unless she recently had a childbirth or an operation, then you should consult this with the doctor in advance. Especially more mature women, whose “middle” has suffered from childbirth, hormones or illnesses, can benefit from a workout with love balls. But the balls can also be valuable companions for women who do not manage to consciously control their pelvic floor muscles.



Love balls differ and you can find out more about them here:

Weight of the love balls

The weight of love balls ranges from about 40g to 120 g.  Like BS036 produced by Greenbaby with a kit combined by 5 weighted balls from 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g. The heavier the balls, the more effective the training. You should increase slowly and start with light balls and then increase the weight when the training is successful.



Material of the love balls

The material decides how the love balls feel, how they can be cleaned and how good they are for your body. We will help you to make the right decision here. 

Silicone: is very similar to the skin and quickly adapts to body temperature. Easy to clean and easy to insert. Make sure it’s medical grade silicone. We assure all of silicone we use is medial grade and body safe. Now it is mostly used and accepted in market.



Plastic / plastic: very cheap, but unfortunately they often contain harmful plasticizers. So this kind of ball is not recommended.

Metal: very cool and only suitable for advanced users because they are very heavy.

Glass: Very classy to look at, but not for beginners as they don’t have a return loop. For beginners, we recommend slightly larger silicone balls that are not too heavy. If you like the beads and you are successful, you can also get noble and heavy baubles made of glass or metal.

Size of the balls

If possible, pleasure balls should not be felt after insertion in the relaxed state. You can only feel the balls when you contract your muscles or move. A diameter of approx. 3.5-4 cm has proven itself. Once you’ve trained well, the girth can also decrease.



This is how the training with the love balls works! Avoid mistakes and achieve the best training effect!

  1. As is known from the use of tampons, the love balls are inserted vaginally with the pelvic floor relaxed and hands washed thoroughly.
  2. It is good for effective pelvic floor training if you not only sit still while carrying the love balls, but move around and try to press the balls firmly with the vaginal muscles.
  3. The training is very easy, because you now “hold” the pleasure balls with the pelvic floor, gravity wants the balls to fall and you automatically ensure that they do not fall. There is also no need to worry that the balls will disappear upwards, because the vagina is closed towards the uterus by the cervix.
  4. The balls are removed again via the return loop of the love balls or by targeted pushing out while the pelvic floor is still relaxed. This is comparable to going to the toilet.
  5. If possible, always use a lubricant when you insert the pleasure balls – this is especially true for anal use. 
  6. After use, it is essential to clean the balls with soap and water or, even better, with a special toy cleaner for sex toys. 


Post time: Sep-07-2021