Classification and selection guide of Vibrators

Greenbaby factory with modern production technology can produce thousands of various vibrators every day, which will be distributed to most countries in the world. Women who gets the vibrator can charge it immediately, and then open the world…

The vibrator is an amazing thing that makes you trying to stop but can not. As a leader product in the sex toy industry, vibrator with realistic workmanship, good looking appearance and diverse functions, which has a very high status in the eyes of woman, it makes them be satisfied and pleasure while masturbating.



Why do we need vibrators?

If you’ve seen the first vibrator of the world, that’s not a problem at all. The electric hand vibrator, which looks like a combine harvester, strike the eye with its hard lines and punk styling, it was chosen by Victorian ladies as a treatment for “hypochondriasis” for one reason only – They want it!

Whether the original reason is simple curiosity or not, just because they have the sexual needs and it can give pleasure and orgasm. Doesn’t that explain why they’re necessary? Not to mention that they can sometimes be effective in alleviating anxiety and panic in women.

In addition to as a sex products, the vibrators can also massage shoulders, smooth out wrinkles, burn fat and etc. Plus, it with the features of waterproof, even use it as a coffee stirrer and that tastes great…


The types of vibrator

With the continuous development of the technology and materials of sex toys, the hard plastic vibrator has been gradually withdrawn from the stage, and it is replaced by the internationally certified silicone products, which are safe for human body.

Some materials are better than material on the baby bottles, such as solid or liquid silicone, which is skin-friendly, safe and non-toxic. This article mainly shares vibrators made of these materials.

How many kinds of vibrators are there? Commonly, it is divided into for external use, internal use, both external and internal use…

The basic design principles of vibrators are all based on bionics and ergonomics. In addition to imitating the existing functions as much as possible, more additional functions are designed, and even developed a lot of functions that real people couldn’t provide. In order to constantly refine the needs.


There are many kinds of vibrators, and you can choose one that is specific to a particular point of stimulation.

The AV wand

AV wand, from the AV movie used as massage wand to stimulate the actress. AV wand is used for external stimulation of the clitoris, the vibration power is much stronger than the general mini-vibrator. AV wand is for fast orgasm of clitoris.


What is popular now is the mini AV wand which with the simple and fashionable appearance, small and portable. The min AV wand with head adjustable design, free bending angle, various massage directions and frequency conversion control, it’s made for you!



The mini wand

The size is very Mini, and it’s easy to carry. The design of the Mini wand is outstanding (for example, women love the vibrator in the shape of lipstick), and the function is relatively simple. The functions of some Mini wand is almost same as egg. You can enjoy it at any time and anywhere.


The mini wand is less suited to the body, but it’s ideal for foreplay between couples, can be used to stimulate clitoris, breasts, vulva and etc., or as a massage wand to relieve pressure.

Mini-wands are suitable for the woman who has no or little sexual experiences, however it’s not suitable for the women who has a lot of sexual experiences, as the vibration is not stronger enough as other vibrators, and with less stimulation.


G spot vibrator

As the name implies, it is a vibrator specifically aimed at G-spot stimulation. Its biggest characteristic is simple and has very onefold function, it’s specializing in G-spot and vagina. The basic shape of the G-spot vibrator is similar to that of a straight wand. The difference lies in the length and thickness of the style.

The polarization motor used for vibration is usually hidden in the top of the vibrator, up to the G-spot…


Some G-spot vibrators have smooth surfaces, and the front segment is tilted upward, somewhat similar to a crowbar. The purpose is to make the tilted part better fit and stimulate the G-spot.

Of course, you can also use it as a shoulder massager.


Bifurcated Vibrator

Bifurcated vibrator is based on the G-spot vibrator. There is a extra bifurcation at the root of the Vibrator. The main purpose of this bifurcation is to stimulate the clitoris while the vibrator is in the body to stimulate the G-spot. That is “double stimulation”, the most loved and enjoyed by women.

Bifurcated vibrator is in constantly upgrade. Some have been able to achieve “triple stimulation”, not only the head can rotate vibration, the effect of vibration is also very good, it makes you in lust…


Sucking stimulator

A higher level vibrator than Bifurcated vibrator, it has a powerful sucking head for a quick blast of pleasure.

The sucking stimulator has a stronger suction than the mouth, when suspended in the air you can feel the delicate sucking feeling, when  close to it you will feel the weak air massage, and when you press a littler hard you will feel softness and numbness all over. Plus a strong vibration to stimulate the G-spot, it unlocking your novel gameplay.


How to Choose a Vibrator?

First of all, as a woman, you need to know your body (what size vibrator you choose) and where your sensitive points are (determine the way you prefer to orgasm), which is very important for you to choose the right vibrator.

It is suggested that every woman should try her best to develop her sensitivity and enjoy the pleasure brought by all kinds of orgasms when choosing erotic products.

G-spot vibrator with simple function, which hit G-spot directly, and the bifurcated vibrator can develop all kinds of orgasms.


If you like the pleasure of tongue licking and sucking, you can buy a vibrator with tongue licking and sucking function. If you want to free your hands, you can consider an automatic retractable dildo. Of course, this is a high-level player.

If you like to knead clitoris a little more, you can buy mini wand. As long as the vibration frequency is high enough, it is very stimulating to clitoris, such as lipstick vibrator.

And finally, I want to tell you that no matter what style, materials and motor quality are the most important. The motor must be strong, so that you can get full pleasure. As for noise, unless in a quiet environment, it is generally not audible.

Post time: May-10-2021